SoSo is the home of the humble mug.

A place where you can feel comfortable with your passion for personalised pretty things and cool about your calling to stock the cupboards with endless cups.

At SoSo Special Mugs & More we love them just as much as you do.

In fact, perhaps a little more as we have gone to the lengths of setting up a shop to pay homage to these small but beautifully formed vessels.

And it’s not just mugs – we’ve taken our love for pretty personalised things a step further and chosen a fistful of coasters, wall signs and keyrings to tickle your fancy.

The online store is operating under the banner of the SoSo Group, the latest venture for small business owner Tracey Sweetland.

SoSo Media, the group’s flagship, offers website creation, design, PR, social media and copywriting services to small businesses in Lincolnshire and beyond.

The group also operates an online “gig” marketplace under the name, where talented and skilled individuals and businesses can sell their products and services.

Other projects under the SoSo umbrella are also in the pipeline.

Bestest Mummy Ever Ever Keyring

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